a subtle balance of cyclic tension and release creates a unique humbling journey.

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Slow Chance

A slow rhythmic journey of the PO-12 and Pocket Piano, 'Slow Chance' is fueled by the change of pace from Pittsburgh's winter to a Guadalajara spring.

Recorded and Produced by Dante Villagomez
Mastered by John O'Hallaron

Single “Cepio Introductions” now available

Full EP Release 7/9/19

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a meditation-oriented EP produced by Dante Villagomez

Released 1/15/19

Reganado album square.jpg


A Journey of Cyclic Tension and Release, Regañado pushes the bounds for Spices Peculiar’s unique ambience.

Dante produced the majority of this eleven track album with a variety of world percussion instruments and the Critter and Guitari: Pocket Piano Synth. The few remaining tracks are cut from a live recording session with Pittsburgh drummer, Zack Mester.

Released 10/9/18

Side Cush City Album Cover.jpg

Side Cush City

a spicy trek through the ruins of a lost city

Produced by Dante Villagomez

Quest Ocean album cover.png

Quest to the Ocean Floor

an ambient submersion to the bottom of the sea

Produced by Dante Villagomez

Press & Booking


"PO-12 & Pocket Piano Jam" into "Roundtable" Spices Peculiar performing as a duo at Gooski's in Pittsburgh 6/6/19.

Dante Villagomez: PO-12, Pocket Piano and Guitar

Zack Mester: Drums & Percussion

Spices Peculiar (Trio) @ Spirit 3/13/18

featuring Dante Villagomez: Guitar and Green Box, Steve Ippolito: Percussion, Zack Mester: Drums

"A Rainy Day in Maine" represents a long dance of solitude experienced in Maine's woods this past July.

The digital landscape for this music video was created by REW (@nebulaflower via Instagram)

Spices Peculiar (Trio) @ Howlers 2/15/18

featuring Dante Villagomez: Guitar and Green Box Synth, Aidan Epstein: Bass Guitar, and Zack Mester: Drums

film and audio: Jacob Patalive